Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Otterbox defender case FAIL!

So i have been using th Otterbox defender case since i bought my iPhone in February so its been 5 months.  I keep my phone in it all the time and didn't take it off! its never been dropped outside of the case. well yesterday I bought a Sony radio to dock my iPhone on. and i had to take it out of  the case. So i gave my iPhone the once over and was not happy to find that the headphone jack is scuffed and dented and that there is a small crack by the charging dock!  So as much as i love my Otterbox case i think its time to find something different because obviously its just not doing its job!  I dont think i have ever dropped it very hard or very far? And i choose this case based on the reviews and the videos of it withstanding some major drops!  I still love otterbox dont get me wrong but ive been sacrificing thinness and lightness for what i thought was amazing protection! So basically for the price of an otterbox defender case im getting insurance for my iphone through www.gotronics.com/gocare
that way i can find a thin protective case and know that im still protected!! ill let you know what I find! who knows maybe another otterbox case will be in my future.

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