Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So I recently purchased an iPhone 3gs or rather my super loving hubby bought it for me fit our anniversary. Frankly I have no clue how I ever lived without it!! Now I have three sons, and if you know anything about bits they are rambunctious and destructive! So I knew I had to protect my phone from "them" and maybe a lil from me since I tend to have the dropsies! So I did some research on what was the most protective case out there and that's when I found the otterbox!! I went straight to AT&T and purchased one and for 50bucks I expected thus case to be amazing!! My first impression was wow this us so bulky I live the feel of the iPhone but the otterbox defender definently added some bulk. Then it took me an hour to figure out how to open the case since there wernt any directions in the box! So I finally get my phone in it and I like it I Like the feel the protection and it does still fit in my picket even in my skinny jeans.

I have dropped my phone at least a few dozen times now and it's fine but last week I noticed weird filmy bubbles under the screen and I read the baby powder trick and it didn't work so hubby being the"man" that he is decided to take a look at it and says well the case doesn't fit together like it should and there's something weird going on with the screen like. It's dipping down in the middle sure enough the screen was! When we got the Cade from AT&T I'm going to assume there was already an issue with this case because there's a small chink of the corner missing I didn't think anything if it and there were no instructions, and mo screen protectors on the inside of the case. Well hubby says hmm looks like a used Cade that something was wrong with it someone broke then reterned and you bought it!! Well idk if thus us true or not but I contacted otterbox and told them I was having issues with the screen and I had a few minor scratches in the plastic itself and wanted to see if I could get s new front piece I expected at least 20dollars gir a new piece but I just received an email saying thAt they were sending me a new case free of charge!!! Wow I'm soooooooo impressed who does that???? Well otterbox does, I cannot recommend them enough I'm so impressed and the case us amazing!!!!

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