Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy Busy

So i haven't been blogging at all lately, not just on here but on any of my blogs!!  I have a benifit dinner for a family who's 7 year old son was in a car accident and died, his 2 sisters were in the car as well and did servive but have had many surgerys and skin graphs.  So at my mothers church they are doing a huge benifit dinner to help raise money for all of their hospital bills. 
     So as a way to raise money they are having a silent auction and I was asked if i wanted to participate and donate a scrapbooking package.  Which i thought was an awsome idea.  But  it would be to my benifit if i finished my website and re-designed my business cards before then.

So i have been rushing around trying to finish the website and re-do the designs on my business cards in about a week.  since hubby decided to plan a camping trip for the first weekend in october and the benifit is on that wednesday!!

 so i have decided not to do the printing for the scrapbook on my printer anymore!  It takes soo much ink to print them at the quality that i want,
so i have been contacting different printing companies
trying to find the best quality at a great price.  I'll post my findings as for who i have choosen to go with in my next post!!
have a great day

PS--if you would like to donate to the family i'll be uploading the link to trinity lutheran church.  where you can contact the secretary about donating to the family.

here is a link to the church--trinity lutheran church
and here is the e-mail for their secretary
Mrs. Betty Perrone

Church Secretary

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