Sunday, December 31, 2000

Fairy tales

So everyday at nap time my three p's and I snuggle up in bed And I either read them a few story's or there favorite is if I make up a story for them. Which usually is about them or involves them some how. So I decided that I'm going to start recording the stories that I make up for them using my iPhones recorder app. and then type out and illustrate the story.

My younger p's dont really get that I'm writing a book about them but big p does he likes to sit with me and have me read every new word or sentence I get down on paper. (or really its a writing app on my iPad lol) he says wow mom you are so good! You have to read this to dad!! And he was my lil critic when I was drawing the first picture for the book. But he did make sure I drew it exactly as it sounded from my story. The castle by the sea.

So far I have most of the story outlined and I told the boys the story at nap time today. Big p is so funny he thinks I'm so amazing because i know how to tell story's! It always amazing to me how kids would much rather have quality time with mommy or daddy over just about anything else. It just shows how important it is to spend time with your kids no matter what it is that your doing it means the world to them.

Now off to write a lil more since everyone is still snuggled up and asleep for nap.

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